Frequently Asked Questions - General

Sansaar is a non profit making organisation and a registered charity and its aim is to promote the Gujarati language and culture among young children through fun and music.

Sansaar was the “brain child” of seven friends and the organisation was set up in 2001. They had a vision to keep the Gujarati language alive among young children and felt that this could be achieved through fun and music.

Sansaar produce a wide range of Gujarati learning aids in the form of DVDs, videos, CDs, cassettes, books and jigsaw puzzles. Sansaar also produce live pantomimes and Navratri events.

Yes – most definitely, although our pantomimes are in Gujarati, the cast do translate a lot of the dialogue through the performance. Plus there is a lot of audience interaction. All our music albums are very lively and easy to listen to, we have had fantastic feedback from parents to say that children as young as eighteen months begin to react to our songs. The more you play them – the more enjoyable they are.

Our products are suitable for children aged between 2 - 10 years old.

There are many ways in which you can encourage your kids to speak Gujarati. We have put together some fantastic hints and tips written by a panel of parents and endorsed by Gujarati teachers. Please visit our Hints and Tips section in the Learning Resources area.

Our products are available online through our website.

Yes – you can find comprehensive translation as well as transliteration into English for all our songs. Please visit our Songs section.

Yes - click here to sign up!

We will keep you updated on news, forthcoming events and product offers via our email bulletins.

Sansaar does not run any Gujarati schools. For a listing of some Gujarati schools please view the Schools Directory within our Learning Resources section.

You can help in two ways:

a. Donate your time by becoming a volunteer

b. Donate money by:

Emailing us at

You can also send us a message online or by post using the details on our contact form.

It's very easy to become a volunteer.


Email us at

You can also send us a message online or by post using the details on our contact form.

Anyone can become a volunteer.

If you have a particular area of expertise, we may be able to find a role within that area (e.g. Marketing, Stage Performance, Graphic Design, Web Design, …) or even you could help out on the day of an event.

All our volunteers have different skills and backgrounds – which is what makes the organisation so successful and dynamic.

Yes - Sansaar has its very own "Masti Maja" classes. These music, singing and dancing classes are held on a weekly basis and are perfect for 3 - 6 year olds! For further information visit Sansaar Masti Maja Classes.