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Hints and Tips on helping your child to speak Gujarati
written by our panel of parents

  1. Speak to your child in Gujarati from the beginning and stick to it.
  2. Make a COMMITMENT to teach your child. If you are not comfortable and not consistent in creating an environment at home when you are speaking in Gujarati, then you will not see results.
  3. Make an effort and speak to your spouse in Gujarati when your child is around.
  4. Ensure that Gujarati is spoken when visiting family/friends especially in the early years.
  5. Where possible ensure grandparents, uncles and aunts speak to your child in Gujarati
  6. If your child describes something in English, get them to revert back and ask them to say the same thing in Gujarati.
  7. A significant sign that they have truly picked up the language is when you notice that their brain is “thinking” in Gujarati. You will notice this when your child is learning English and begins to translate the Gujarati language to English.
  8. If possible take your children to visit India, Kenya or other such countries where the main language at home is Gujarati. When exposed to such an environment your child will automatically begin to speak the language.
  9. Stimulate your children and by exposing them to Gujarati songs, films and plays.
  10. When travelling in the car take Sansaar’s albums with you and watch your child react to the songs.
  11. Play simple games in the car, for example, play “I spy with my little eye” using Gujarati colours.
  12. Take a step further and enrol your child into a Gujarati school so that they can learn to read and write the language.
  13. Above all have fun and nurture their confidence. Recognise and compliment the efforts made by your child.

Gujarati Schools Directory

 Name Address
Contact Details
Maa Krupa Gujarati School

Canons High School
Shaldon Road

Vijyaben Bhanderi - Phone: 020 958 8564

Dakshaben Rathod - Phone 07960 818 613

Chunibhai Hirani - Phone 07905 903 135

Website: www.maakrupagujaratischool.com


Finchley Kendra

Harrow Kendra



Frith Manor Primary School, Lullington Garth, Woodside Park, London N12 7BN


Belmont School, Hibbert Road, Harrow Weald,



Website: www.shishukunj.org.uk

Email: office@shishukunj.org.uk

Phone: 020 8381 1818

Head Office:
Shishu Bhavan
25-27 High Street

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
4a Castletown Road
West Kensington
W14 94E
Phone 020 7381 3086 /
020 7381 4608
Email: info@bhavan.net
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Gujarati School
220-222 Willesden Lane, Willesden, London, NW2 5RG
Phone 020 8459 4506
The Gujarati School Parkgate Junior School,
Southwood Road
Email: school@watfordhindugroup.org.uk
Saraswatti Gujarati School Bal-Mandir
Scout Hall
Tealing Drive
Off Riverview Road
Surrey, KT19 0JY
Sarojben Chandarana
Phone 020 8224 6153
Email: saroj_chandarana@yahoo.co.uk
Kingston Upon Thames Gujarati School Hollyfield Secondary School
Surbiton Hill Road
Surbiton, KT5 8EH
Ketanbhai Patel
Phone 07881 994100
Email: admin@gujaratischool.co.uk
VHP Northampton Gujarati Supplementary School Northampton

Lata Shah
Email: gujschhead@yahoo.co.uk