Aavi Holiday

A mardi-gras inspired song about a fun filled holiday.

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Aavi Holiday

Aha aavi holiday, juvo rajaani maja!
Shu shu laavi holiday, aavi majaani raja (2)
Rajaani maja, majaani raja, rajaani maja!
Aha aavi holiday...
Saathe mitroni todi (2)
Saathe sakhioni jodi (2)
Ame doda dodi kari, ame santha kukdi rami
Khoob harifai karine ame thaaki gaya  (2)
Jojo Mummy to bolaave, paachad Papa ne dodaave (3)
To pan aavish nahi hoon have haathma!
Aha aavi holiday...
Ame vimaan ma oodvaana (2)
Disney World jovaana      (2)
Mickey Mouse ne madvaana,
pizza ice-cream khavaana,
Aakho dariyo todine nava desh javaana (2)
Door desh jayne masti tofaan karvaana
Aha aavi holiday...

Here Come The Holidays

Here come the holidays, oh what fun we shall have!
What’s in store for us? A happy, fun-filled holiday!
Holidays are fun, happy holidays, holidays are fun!
Here come the holidays...
With our gang of friends
And all the girls in pairs
We ran here and there, we played hide and seek
We ran so many races, that we got tired
Look  - Mummy is calling, and Papa runs behind
But I still can’t be caught!
Here come the holidays...
We’ll fly in an aeroplane
We’ll go to Disney World
We’ll meet Micky Mouse,
and eat pizza & ice-cream
We’ll cross the ocean to see new lands
We’ll go to far away places for fun and games
Here come the holidays...