Sansaar launches new Gujarati CD for kids

3 March 2008
Masti Maja CD


The outstanding children's charity, SANSAAR (, has launched its third music album, Masti Maja, targeted at British children raised in the West whose mother tongue is Gujarati.

The album has a wide range of songs covering a variety of everyday themes and words familiar to young children. The music is very contemporary, using a variety of modern and traditional instruments to produce rhyme and rhythm which are enjoyable for children exposed to the modern media.The album has been produced and created by the highly talented composer and musician, Dhiren Raichura who has performed for many musical ensembles all over the world. Gujarati is one of the oldest languages of India and there are nearly half a million Gujaratis living in the UK who work very hard to retain their culture and values in the changing cultural landscape of Britain.

The principal singers are Rajvee Punatar, Kaushik Khajuria and Tejal Pota. Themes covered in the songs include travel, holidays, numbers, lullabies, body parts - no stone is left unturned to help reach the tongue of the kiddies and encourage them to enjoy and sing along. What Sansaar is also very good at doing is to produce a musical pantomime to accompany the album and perform it live nationally - this process is already in place and shows are planned for later this year.

Founded in 2000, the charity is determined to promote Gujarati language and culture in Britain especially among children. Gujarati is the mother tongue of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest leaders of the world, and is a very soft and peaceful language. Mr. Shandip Shah, Chairman, commented: ‘Language is the key to culture, and music and rhythm are the keys to the ears of young children. We are delighted to produce this outstanding album and keep our consistent record of creativity. We are building bridges of hope and joy for a better, more diverse, Britain."

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