Why have Sansaar started Masti Maja classes?

· The aim of Masti Maja classes is to introduce children to spoken Gujarati using catchy songs with contemporary music to help develop their listening and speaking skills.
· The interactive sessions are designed to allow children (and parents) to participate in fun activities, encouraging them to learn Gujarati through the repetition of memorable Gujarati rhymes and songs. Masti Maja classes provide the perfect environment in which to nurture the spoken Gujarati language through music.
· Masti Maja aims to help children to speak Gujarati confidently and this is reinforced with frequent translations to help them understand Gujarati. It does not teach children to read and write Gujarati.
· Sansaar caught the imagination of children and parents alike, so created a class which offers a unique variety of music, songs, and dance that brings the Gujarati language alive for the young.