Jantar Mantar CD

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Another magical collection of songs from Sansaar in this, their fourth album. Covering a variety of musical styles from the traditional “Holi Aavi Re”, to a Russian-styled ‘Namesteji’, and a salsa-inspired ‘Naani Maari Aankh’ that teaches kids about different parts their body. Other themes include magic spells (Antar Mantar Jantar), a song about a bird (Chakkiben) and a beautiful lullaby dedicated to little boys, but soothing for everyone (Haala Karun Hun). Jantar Mantar is a playful album full of great tunes which kids will love!

Songs include:

1. Namesteji 
2.  Naani Maari Aankh  
3.  Antar Mantar Jantar
4.  Holi Aavi Re 
5.  Chakkiben 
6.  Sansaar Ni Gaadi 
7.  Chaalo Chaalo Ne  
8.  Haala Karun Hun

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are not accepting any orders at the moment. However we do have some good news! All of our music is now available on all major streaming platforms. You can check us out here:


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Price: £7.00