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We don't currently have any upcoming events at the moment. But follow us on social media to be the first in line to hear about everything that we do!

Past Events


London Navratri 2022

After 2 years of virtual Garbas we returned in person to an electric atmosphere filled with fun and Sansaar magic. With our live band providing outstanding music the atmosphere was incredible spreading smiles and energy to over 2,000 attendees across two days. The focus of this family event is giving the space and opportunity to children to enjoy and learn more about the festival of Navratri and to dance along with our famous Jambu, Jalebi and characters.

Virtual Navratri 2020

Over 1000 families joined in from all over the UK and farther afield to enjoy this unique virtual event during a year of lockdowns and social distancing. The four sessions included dance masterclasses, storytelling, entertainment by Jambu, Jalebi & gang and a live aarti together with an aarti thaali competition. The response was amazing- another great success for Sansaar!

Leicester Garba 2019

Our hugely popular Navratri Garbas in London and Leicester are a must for families with young children, with over 2500 tickets selling out well-in advance- often within hours.  Children get to dance with Jambu and Jalebi & gang in person, learn some basic dance steps, listen to the story of Navratri and much more. The highlight is the Aarti – a wonderfully spiritual family experience.  Definitely one for the bucket-list!


Live Pantomime 2018

Starring kids’ favourites Jambu, Jalebi & gang, this entertaining and interactive family  show featured dazzling costumes, fantastic music and great dancing. Staged at the Winston Churchill Hall, London, the show featured Sansaar song hits “Mathu Khabha Gotun Pag” and  “Diwali Re Aavi” and many others.  The use of simple Gujarati in combination with English ensured that even the youngest could follow the story.

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