Mission & Vision

We, at Sansaar, believe that one of the most enjoyable and effective ways of teaching language to young children is through music and fun - a view that has been long held by teachers and education experts throughout the world. Indeed, many cultures have a wealth of children's songs at their disposal, and use them as part of children's early development.

Fortunately for Gujarati parents, our own culture is no different! A plethora of wonderful Gujarati nursery rhymes and songs, which have been passed down through the generations, are taught to children all over India, both in schools and at home. Unfortunately this is not the case for children residing outside India. Not only does their formal education rarely include the teaching of songs in mother tongue, but, as parents, we have very little knowledge of these songs ourselves. Sadly, this results in our children missing out on a very enjoyable and stimulating part of their cultural heritage.

Our Founders

Sansaar was set up by its seven founder members to try and reverse this trend. Following our successful and innovative live shows we would like to re-introduce, this wonderful treasure-trove of learning to Gujarati communities all over the world.

About Us